Artist Aki Sogabe

Aki Sogabe's very fine paper cutting textures and shibumi (elegance subdues) of her colors are loved and appreciated by the art lovers.

The History of Kiri-e : Paper Cutting

The history of Kiri-e, paper cutting goes back to the ancient times in China. This art form was introduced to Japan some 400 years ago when the paper products started to arrive from china.

Aki Sogabe's Bio

Aki Sogabe started to introduce paper cutting as an art style to America in 1978 and now her works are included in the collections of corporations, organizations and universities such as the Mitsubishi International Corporation of Tokyo & Seattle, the University of Oregon, the State of Washington and Oregon Art Commissions, City of Seattle Dept. of Parks and Recreation and more. Aki Sogabe is the recipient of the 1993 Bellevue Arts Award : Outstanding in Achievement in the Arts. She has received commissions for the illustration of the Pike Place Market 84th Anniversary Poster and the Oregon State Governor's Arts Award Poster.

Aki Sogabe is nationally known as a children's book illustrator with Browndeer Press Harcourt Brace & Company. Her second book, "The Loyal Cat" won The Golden Kite Honor Book Award in Illustration and Aki is currently working on illustrating her third book.


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The Society of Children's Book Writers & Illustrators, The National Collage Society and the Guild of American Paper Cutters.

Today Aki Sogabe lives in Bellevue, Washington, USA,  with her husband Bill and Akita dog Princess Bear. Her daughter Sandy and son Steve are respectively in college and starting a career of their own.


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